Margaret Micherda

Middleton MA

From Kids Yoga thru Power to Restorative, Briana does it all! She is the best yoga instructor I've ever met. You can feel the wonderful flow of energy every time you come to her class and the sense of calmness and deep relaxation after. I wish I could practice with her every day! She does not only do yoga, she IS YOGA!
Thank you for everything you taught me.

Amy Rogovich


Briana is an amazing yoga instructor full of postive energy. Her power yoga class is uplifting experience that brings awareness to your body and leaves you feeling strong and empowered. Her classes are challenging but accessible to all levels with instructed poses with modifications. The Restorative yoga classes are relaxing and leave you feeling grounded. The calming atmosphere is an escape from the daily routine and helps create a feeling of inner peace, using essential oils to enhance and deepen the practice. I can not say enough about Briana and her knowledge and love of yoga!

Chrissy D'Amato Pereira

Middleton, Ma

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mandala Garden Farms grow from very small, intimate family roots to a beautiful, thriving business through determination, perseverance, and a whole lot of heart. Briana has had many personal experiences that have driven her to want to help people and make the world a better place. My kids and I have so much enjoyed our family yoga practices with Bri; she brings her incredible knowledge of all things yoga to the most fun, entertaining level for children. Mandala Garden Farms is a magical haven that Bri and her family built from raw dreams. I encourage all to embrace the energy of its grounds.

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Beth Fleet


Mandala Garden Farm is idyllic! The place just radiates harmony and love for all creatures. Briana is one of the most inspirational yoga teachers with whom I have practiced. She walks the talk in her own life—

Merril Chase Allen

Boxford Ma

Briana is one of a kind. She is not only an engaging and sensitive teacher, but she has the flexibility and sense of humor needed to teach Restorative Yoga in a barnyard full of goats and happily distracted people here at Moon Shadow Goat Yoga. Because Briana is a trained veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator, she effortlessly combines interesting facts about animals and their behavior with yoga instruction, giving participants a fun and informative experience. We all love Briana!

Laura Voto Salvome

North Reading, Ma

Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week now!! Why.... Because Briana teaches Power Yoga and Restorative Yoga on Wednesday evenings at Latitude Sports Club in Peabody. She is one of the best Yoga Instructors i have ever taken a class from. Her energy and light from within is so positive. Her classes flow perfectly with her excellent choice of music and aromatherapy.

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Theresa Giannino


Briana is an AMAZING yoga teacher! Her classes are unlike any other classes that I’ve taken. Completely transformative. She is incredibly passionate about Yoga. I love that she uses essential oils to enhance the experience too. Her extensive knowledge of Yoga and oils has been a tremendous influence on my health and well being.

Althea Cali Lyons

Topsfield, Ma

I first met Briana a year ago when she lived in Massachusetts. She is an absolutely wonderful person: mentor, yoga instructor, essential oils consultant and practitioner of many trades. She is passionate about what she does and the enthusiasm is contagious. I will follow her anywhere even to New Hampshire!

Cara Rowe

Georgetown, Ma

Briana's love and enthusiasm for yoga is infectious.  Her passion shows through in all of her classes from power to restorative.  My personal favorite is the restorative class which I've been taking for over a year.  The class calms both my mind and body and is great way to start or end each day.

The love and enthusiasm she has for yoga doesn't stop with her classes; she puts the same amount of love and kindness into each of her students.  I've had the great fortune to experience this time and again.  She treats the whole person-your physical being and your mental being-as she gets to know you.  This has helped me not only better cope with my anxiety, but through her belief in me I've found the belief in myself that I am more than my anxiety and that I have the power to overcome it.

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Anthony Cardonne


I always had the ignorant perception of yoga as something meant for females or soft guys maybe because of my background or upbringing but than I met Briana she introduce me to yoga in a way where it was just almost irresistible to try it and take on the challenge. I realize through her power clases not only how wrong I was about my perception of yoga but also how much more I had to keep on practicing to become as strong as I want to be physically and mentally I spend a lot of time just watching her and her amazing skills she is honestly gifted. Her restorative yoga clases had the biggest impact in me I when from someone somewhat aggressive and anxious to someone so much more calm and in peace with my self and the world around me. She also gives you a very personalized human touch to everything she does is just amazing. In all honesty is hard to describe you must experience for your self from the aromas in the room to the music,the energy is just something real special. I will for ever be grateful to come across her I try diferent instructor after I got in to the grove if she was not available but I just could not find it in anyone else. Thank you bri looking forward to visiting your new studio and continued to learn from you .

Diane Campanile Orenberg

Tewksbury, Ma

Each and every class that Briana teaches, from My Mandala Kid's Yoga to her Aroma Touch Reiki Workshops, show the devotion and love she has for bringing healing, and loving light to all of her students. Briana truly has a great respect and love for all living creatures and for Mother Earth and it shows in everything she does. I highly recommend any of her wonderful classes or workshops.

Sean Mackey


I just got into yoga and I couldn't have been more amazed at hoe helpful it's been having Briana guide me through the process.  From our classes together I can tell she has a great passion for teaching & guiding her classes.

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Jenn Mercier

Amesbury, Ma

Briana is one of the most authentic genuine human beings I have ever met. Her home is a sanctuary offset from the road surrounded by acres beautiful forest. She has a farm as well as a dream Yoga studio. She is power Yogi full of Shakti power and I highly recommend you visit! Her dedication to her practice is what makes her such a masterful teacher and guide. From Power Yoga to restorative, from animal advocacy classes to Reiki healing Briana is a gift to all that meet her! 

Vera Ventura


Briana is an earth mother and I love learning from her!! Yoga, Essential Oils, mothering, animals, it’s all here!

Holly LeBlanc

Middleton, Ma

Briana has wonderful energy, a kind heart, and abundant knowledge, all of which she shares without hesitation. I highly recommend Mandala Garden Farms 

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