Mandala Garden Farms is located in Kensington New Hampshire approximately 10 minutes west of exit 1 off of 95. When you enter the drive at 56 Osgood Road simply smile. Take the slow drive down the 1/4 mile entry enjoying the scenery of untouched woodlands, wetlands and wildlife. When you reach Mandala Garden Farms park on the gravel and take a deep sigh of relief being grateful for the opportunity to unplug and let go of the busy world and welcome mindfulness into your life. The side entry door will give you access to the second story studio where you take your shoes off upon entry. Studio is equipped with a full bathroom and a closet full of yoga props such as mats, bolsters, straps, blankets, eye pillows, blocks, weighted bags and dōTerra essential oils.


Outdoor classes will gather in the parking area. Classes will start the walk out to the field 5-10 minutes prior to class time. We will take a path out to the Mandala Garden Farms outdoor clearing nestled away surrounded by woodlands and wildlife. The sounds of chickens singing and roosters crowing along with our resident turkey gobbling will be the background noise during outdoor classes.


Mandala Garden Farms is all about reconnecting back into the elements that can easily become unbalanced in our busy everyday world.  My passion for the protection and conservation of our planet has led me to plant my feet firmly in Kensington New Hampshire.  My dream for every single person that comes to Mandala Garden Farms whether it be as a first time student, or as an awakened yogi, is that when you leave you will feel more grounded and rerooted back down to earth.