Briana Grieco has studied Farm animal nursing and received her Veterinary Technician Degree in 2005 from New York’s SCCC.  The poultry at Mandala Garden Farms is registered through the University of New Hampshire record of Avian Testing.  Briana Grieco’s flock is apart of the National Poultry Improvement Plan and has been tested negative for Pullorum-Typhoid and negative for Avian Influenza.  The goal of Mandala Garden Farms poultry breeding is to have birds working with the environment to reduce tick populations that spread harmful diseases along with other pests instead of using toxic chemicals on the earth.  Her goal with breeding poultry is to place only the gentlest and closest to standard of perfection Roosters in with her most beloved hens of breeding age.  Her passion with chicken keeping is to allow people to purchase  hatching eggs and chicks from great breeding stock to eliminate people supporting factory farmed animals.  Her flock is fed a certified Organic diet along with vitamins, electrolytes, probiotics and dōTerra essential oils daily.  Her love of dōTerra essential oils also helped her to change the chicken keeping world by educating other homesteaders on how to effectively use essential oils in the barnyard.  She has been working diligently for over 5 years to create multi generational colors of egg layers through crossbreeding.


Mandala Garden Farms also loves to educate on vermiculture to reduce food waste from going into landfills.  Vermicompost is the product of using various worms such as red wrigglers or earthworms to help the decomposition of food waste and paper materials.  Vermicast or worm castings are the worm feces created by the end product of the breakdown of organic matter.  Castings reduce levels of contaminants and have a higher saturation of nutrients then the materials had prior to the worms working their magic.  Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients that become a soil conditioner and a organic fertilizer.  The food waste at Mandala Garden Farms or from the My Mandala Kid’s Yoga classes all go to feeding the worm bins which in then turns into the plant soil, fertilizer and neutralizer in an organic matter.

Mandala Garden Farms